Your First Visit & Introduction

Everyone must complete the Pete’s Farm Induction before they are allowed access to the farm for their chosen activity. It doesn’t matter if you’re shooting, metal detecting or doing anything else, you must complete the briefing and introduction process.

We’re working on a video to give you an idea of what to expect during your introduction which we’ll put up as soon as we can. In the meantime, please carefully read everything here…

When to come

Introductions are carried out at 10am on most days. You will need to call and book at least the day before to reserve your place on a group introduction.

We keep groups for introductions small and personal so booking well ahead is advised to avoid disappointment. Call Tony for availability

It is possible to book bespoke, individual introductions at different times to suit you, but we charge £30 for these instead of £20 for our normal group introductions.

What to bring

Download and print the disclaimer, then fill out your personal details as required.

Disclaimer PDF

Attach two passport sized photographs of yourself to the completed disclaimer form. The photo is about identification, not passport office rules so we’re not going to reject your form if the photo is 38mm wide instead of 35mm!

Proof of insurance or membership of an organisation that provides insurance. Your proof can be printed or digital.

You’ll need some money to pay for you introduction, and you’ll probably want to bring money for the vending machines too (We have a change machine in the range). We accept all the usual credit and debit cards in the shop for membership/introduction fees but the vending machines will just laugh at you.

Your shooting equipment, but don’t forget you can get essentials and hire rifles in the shop if you need to.

Ready to go? Give us a call and book yourself in now!


Your intro will cost £20 if you come to one of our regular 10am slots or £30 if you need to organise a more convenient time. The intro fee excludes the price of your chosen activity on that day (if any). There are some things that you’ll need to bring with you…