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Pricing is subject to change so whilst every effort is made to keep the site up-to-date we do increase our prices periodically, so your best bet is to ask Pete to confirm the price before you arrive if you are likely to feel bad about any discrepancy on the site.

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Your First Visit and Introduction Special Packages Membership Packages Regular Pricing

Your First Visit and Introduction to the Farm Scroll back to top

For anyone’s first visit to the farm (no matter what your activity) there is a one off fee of £25 per person (Some of our packages include this fee). This includes a full introduction and tour of the facilities for your chosen activity, a safety briefing and registration.

This initial fee includes your first shoot, camp or other activity.

For any future visits the following prices apply.

Membership Scroll back to top

We’re now offering monthly or annual membership packages that allow you to come to the farm whenever and as often as you like for as long as you maintain your membership fees.

You can apply for membership for any activity on the farm, the prices are the same. Membership starts from the 1st day of the month, so if you sign up half way through the month, we’ll ask you for half a month's payment up front (At our discretion)

Typically, annual membership offers a saving of around 15% on the monthly price.

Adult, Single Membership

Adults are 18 years old and up.

£48 per month or £495 per year (Annual saving £81)

Junior, Single Membership

Juniors are 17 years old and younger.

£24 per month or £249 per year (Annual saving £39)

Parent & Child Membership

Joint membership for an adult and a child

£72 per month or £744 per year (Annual saving £120)

Joint Membership

Joint, full membership for a couple

£88 per month or £910 per year (Annual saving £146)

More information about membership

Our membership packages offer regular visitors a way to save money; If you visit us more than 3 times a month, you’ll be saving a bit on a monthly membership but a lot on an annual membership compared to the per-visit price. Membership is also the only way to get discount for (Accompanied) children.

We’ve set up a headache free recurring payment system. All you have to do is come and see Pete on the farm armed with your credit or debit card to get set up.

Special Package Deals Scroll back to top

Camping & Shooting Package Deal

3 days unlimited shooting and 2 nights camping, inclusive of introduction fee for £60 per person. That’s a saving of £11 on the full price of £71!!!

Wild Camping

Complete Starter Packages

These packages include your initial introduction fee and coaching.

Get in touch to book any of these packages.


  • Introduction and safety briefing
  • Weihrauch rifle, bag, scope and silencer
  • Pellets
  • Paper targets
  • Coaching


  • Introduction and safety briefing
  • Air Arms S400 pcp rifle with bag, scope and silencer plus a full cylinder of air
  • Pellets
  • Paper targets
  • Coaching


  • Introduction and safety briefing
  • Petes own tuned HW100 with bag, scope, bipod, silencer plus a full cylinder of air
  • Select pellets
  • Paper targets
  • Coaching

Regular Pricing Scroll back to top


  • Range and target shooting (No time limit): £13 per person per day
  • Evening use of the range only after 5.30pm (No time limit but excludes hunting): £8 per person

Indoor & Outdoor Shooting Ranges


  • Hunting & use of the ranges (No time limit): £13 per person per day

Indoor & Outdoor Shooting Ranges Hunting & Vermin Shoot

Rifle & Pistol Hire

Photo ID is required for all equipment hire. Prices are for a full day and include bags, scopes, silencers and a full cylinder of air (Pellets and paper targets are extra).

  • Pistols £10
  • Sig Sauer (30 shot Semi Auto airgun) £10
  • Weihrauch Spring powered air rifle £20
  • Air Arms S400 £40
  • Weihrauch HW100 £60

Cylinder Filling & Hire

  • Cylinder Hire: £10 per day
  • Individual Rifle Fill: £3
  • 3 litre £7
  • 4 litre £8
  • 5 litre £8.50
  • 7 litre £9
  • 12 litre £10

Prices are doubled for brand new/completely empty cylinders

Cylinder Filling


  • Caravan (Right next to the indoor range) £20 per night
  • Bedsit £30 per night
  • Campervan/Caravan Pitch with Electric Hookup £15 per night

Accommodation Information


Campers must also pay the initial one off fee for their introduction of £25

  • Camping is £10 per person, per night

Metal Detecting, Model Aircraft Flying, Bird Watching, Photography

All of these activities require an initial introduction costing £25 that includes the first day. Future visits are charged at £13 per day.

Metal Detecting Model Flying Bird Watching Photography

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