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Pricing is subject to change so whilst every effort is made to keep the site up-to-date we do change our prices periodically, so your best bet is to ask Pete to confirm the price before you arrive if you are likely to feel bad about any discrepancy on the site.

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Your First Visit and Introduction to the Farm

For anyone’s first visit to the farm (no matter what your activity) there is a one-off fee of £30 per person. This includes a full introduction and tour of the facilities for your chosen activity, a safety briefing and registration.

You’ll also receive a membership card once the introduction has been completed.

We’ve created a page about the introduction and what it involves, so if you’ve never been to the farm before, please make sure you read this in full…

All about Your First Visit

Pay Per-Visit Pricing


  • Range and target shooting (Any time of day or night, no time limit): £16 per person per visit

Shooting (Concessions)

Full-price paying adults can bring under 18’s to shoot at half-price, so that’s £8.

Visitors with disabilities are entitled to a £2 discount on the full price of admission. At the moment, we may ask to see your 'Blue Badge' to confirm your discount.

Indoor & Outdoor Shooting Ranges

Metal Detecting, Model Aircraft Flying, Bird Watching, Photography

All of these activities require an initial introduction. The per visit price is £16 per day.

Metal Detecting Model Flying Bird Watching Photography

Complete Starter Package: £99

For those getting into the sport, our starter package has everything you need to get going. It includes your introduction fee and membership card, a choice of rifle, pellets, targets and coaching.

Get in touch to book the starter package.

Rifle Hire £40

You can also hire rifles from our extensive range and even chop and change throughout the day to try out different rifles!

Party & Group Packages

For those interested in organising a party package with a difference we are now offering a 2 hour group experience that includes all equipment, coaching and fun competitions with prizes.

Our party package includes:

  • Exclusive use of a range to host your party
  • Full introduction and safety briefing (Normally £30 - Qualifies attendees for return visits)
  • All Range Fees (Normally £16 per person)
  • PCP Rifle Hire (Normally £40 per rifle)
  • Unlimited Air Refills (Normally £10)
  • Paper Targets (Normally £3)
  • Pellets (Normally £9)
  • Coaching (Normally £30 per hour)
  • Prizes and merchandise (Worth approximately £5)
  • Voucher for a return visit (Worth £16)

For £59 per person, adding up all of the above, that’s more than a £50 saving per person.

To qualify for the party package, your group must be a minimum of 5 people and no larger than 8 people. Under 18's must be accompanied by an adult at a maximum ratio of one adult to two kids.

Typical Itinerary

  • Meet at the Gunshop to get equipped with safety glasses and shooting vests
  • Full safety briefing and introduction
  • Thorough demonstration of the rifles in use
  • Practice session with coaching to familiarise your guests with the rifles and the cease-fire procedure
  • Paper target shooting competition
  • Speed shooting competition
  • Fun shoot with novelty targets and (weather permitting) outdoor target shoot
  • Group and individual photo opportunity with customers cameras
  • Prize giving, goody-bags and instructions for using your return-visit voucher

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Armswick Range Private Hire

We are pleased to offer our 50 yard Armswick range for private hire to experienced groups of shooters and shooting clubs.

The cost of hire is £290 per day on the basis of 9am - 5pm or £490 for a full weekend.

Ask us about Private Hire Availability