Pete's Essex Airgun Farm in Winter

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In a past life, Pete was a professional shooter and used to use buildings on the farm to zero his rifle. It occurred to him that other people might want to as well…

…and in that thought, the Airgun Farm was born.

Pete (the farmer) has been shooting air rifles since he was 10 years old. He is a keen all-round shot and for a few years concentrated on shooting Olympic Skeet where he gained his England Team Cap and represented the England shooting team at international competition level.

His main passion is air rifles and he will be more than happy to share his knowledge with anyone visiting the farm.

After the BSE farming crisis, there were a lot of empty buildings on the farm so these were initially put to use for indoor target practice and zeroing. Word spread and the shooting facilities on the farm grew include the indoor shooting range, outdoor range and HFT course and more recently, facilities for wild camping.

Metal detectorists and model aircraft enthusiasts have also used the farm since the early days and are still most welcome.

In the past, detectorists have found many Roman coins as well as Saxon coins and pottery. To keep you on your toes there has even been a WW2 bomb found!

People also use the farm for rambling, bird watching and photography.

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