Questions and Answers…

Is there anything I should read up on before visiting?

Its a good idea to have a sound knowledge of the Airgunners code of practice. You can read it here:

What should I bring on my first visit?
  • Proof of insurance (Either paper or digital proof is ok)
  • Payment (See Prices here)
  • All your shooting equipment (Gun, gun slip, pellets, bottle/pump, targets, tool kit, bench rest if you have one)
  • Paper targets
  • Tape/blu-tack (For sticking targets up)
  • Pound coins for drinks/snacks and range heaters.
  • Warm clothing and waterproofs (Ideally camouflage if you are going hunting)
  • Suitable footwear (Waterproof trailrunning shoes are good for sneaking up on quarry as you can feel the ground better beneath your feet than you can in big boots)
What are the opening times?

Once you have had your introduction we are open all the time. All day and night. Pete will explain the ‘out of hours’ visiting procedure during your introduction.

Can I bring a friend along to watch and not shoot?

Spectators/friends are only allowed under special circumstances. Please speak to Pete for an explanation.

What insurance do you require?

Affiliation to any of the shooting or countryside organisations that give you third party liability insurance for shooting sports is fine.

In effect, you join up and your membership gives you the insurance you need to shoot.

We strongly recommend the BASC membership ( however here are links to several other associations/organisations.

Where can I stay locally?

What? man up, and come camping using our super wild campsites, or take a look at the accommodation options available in the yard. You can make an enquiry about the fixed accommodation availability by speaking to Pete or ask for the latest information on other local accommodation.

Now you’ve read the FAQ, call Pete to organise your introduction