A George 3rd Coin from 1787 found on the Farm

Metal Detecting on the Farm

Over the years, there’s been some great finds on the farm…

Once a year the whole farm is subsoiled then deep ploughed and cultivated. This annual deep ploughing brings up new treasures each year and with old roman footpaths having crossed the fields, detectorists have found many Roman coins as well as Saxon coins and pottery.

To keep you on your toes, there has even been a WW2 bomb found.

To come metal detecting simply call Pete. He will arrange to meet you for a quick ‘show around’ on your first visit and from then on you can visit when ever you like.

Detectorists are welcome to use the other farm facilities whilst on site.

One note

Depending what crops have been planted not all fields are available all year round. Speak with Pete for the latest cropping plans.