The Outdoor shooting range with covered positions

Indoor & Outdoor Shooting at the Farm

Our shooting facilities are constantly evolving and improving to provide the best shooting experience you could wish for…

The Indoor Range

Facilities in the indoor range include:

  • 55 yard distance
  • Specially designed ambidextrous shooting benches for up to 10 shooters
  • Various rests and shooting aids
  • Rifle racks
  • First aid kit
  • Heaters above shooting positions
  • Fully floodlit with purpose designed lighting
  • Vast array of targets and target holders
  • Plumbline
  • Distance markers
  • Work bench with tools
  • Dive cylinder storage
  • Tea / coffee and snacks
  • DAB stereo with iPod dock
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • ‘For Sale’ notice board for members to buy and sell their used equipment

Also on-site we have…

Bottle Filling

Don’t forget, Pete can fill your dive bottle on site

Stay for the weekend…

Check out our accommodation options and the wild camping and stay for the weekend or the whole week!

The Outdoor Range

Facilities in the outdoor range include:

  • Targets out to 65 yards
  • Covered shooting positions for up to 14 people (you shoot from inside a barn)
  • Specially designed benches and chairs
  • Area for shooting in the ‘prone’ position
  • Vast array of targets including elevated, moving, floating and bell targets
  • Astro-Turf walkway through to the target area (you can wear your slippers out there!)

The HFT Course

Here at Petes we have a mini HFT course with all the targets, shooting positions, angles and challenges you would encounter at a full international HFT event.

The shooting positions are from inside a barn with various prone, kneeling and standing shots taken into the large meadow where the targets are positioned.

The course of targets is regularly changed to keep things fresh and small friendly competions amongst our regulars during daylight and night times (with lamps) are often held.

If you’re new to HFT or don’t know what it is, there's an excellent article on Wikipedia.

I Like what I see! I want to come…

All new shooters need to call in advance to arrange their introduction, so if you’d like to come and shoot at the farm, give Pete a call after reading our FAQ.

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