Hunting on Pete’s Essex Airgun Farm

Hunting & Vermin Shooting on the Farm (Air Rifles Only)

Important Updates to Hunting Rules

All shooters now need a PETE’S FARM HUNTING AUTHORISATION PERMIT to take their rifle out into the fields (even if you are a current member).

You will not be allowed to go hunting/vermin shooting on your first visit to the farm.

Once you have made several visits and got to know Pete and the team you may apply for your ‘Hunting Authorisation Permit’

Successful applicants for a Hunting Authorisation Permit will have demonstrated (by means of a verbal and written test) their knowledge of the farm rules and boundaries, airgun safety, the BASC air gunners code of practice (link here) and an awareness of countryside etiquette.

The successful applicant will then be issued with a photo id Hunting Authorisation Permit which must be carried at all times.

For those responsible enough, hunting vermin is possible on the 500 acre farm.

A full list (including photographs) of what you are allowed to shoot is posted in the range. You must convince Pete you are ‘clued up’ before being allowed out to shoot vermin.

Main quarry species are woodpigeons and rabbits which cause the farm untold damage to crops throughout the growing season.
Other vermin that can be shot are Rats (we have a waste tip of harvest off corn and seed that is a rat haven and perfect for close range ratting), Corvids (this includes magpies, crows and Jays), Squirrels.

There are no closed seasons for any of the above however certain times of year and cropping will suit different species at different times. Speak to Pete for the latest on where’s best for what.

I want to come…

The usual procedure applies. You’ll need to Call Pete to arrange an introduction, making sure you’ve read our FAQ and taken a look at the prices. Once you’ve been through this process, you’ll be able to come whenever you like, so don’t delay, call Pete today!

Call Pete

Photos of some hunting grounds